Friday, February 6, 2015

The Flying Dutchman - a vignette by Doc E

Echo Lance  

The Flying Dutchman: A verismilitude written by Dr. Duncan-Enzmann

There is both literally and figuratively a Flying Dutchman. This is known by ships that have passed him, or been passed by him. He speaks Dutch, an old form of Dutch used before the ships of mankind commenced voyaging to the stars. He speaks English too, his dialect is archaic.

He has never been photographed in any detail, for when he passes a star, it is at close to the speed of light. As he passes stars, his primitive Lances flame. This has been photographed.

At each star he can accelerate or decelerate slightly, he can also turn. The greater his speed relative to the star he is passing, the better he can turn.

The Dutchman sails from star to star through the centuries and millennia. His course is centered about the sun in a vast polygon - almost a curve seen from a distance. The parameter of his course is thousands of light years in extent.

For the Dutchman, time as known on earth has ceased. It is guessed that for every year that passes on his ship, at least 10,000 pass on Earth. He could, if his beginnings lie in the earliest years of star flight, have reached realms close to the center of the Milky Way. He does not do this as others have, he circles.

The view from the Dutchman's bridge must be spectacular. Before his bow are the soft colors of the Milky Way's galactic star-bow, with a deep crimson spot (background radiation) in its center. About and through the bow are the faint colors of the galaxies, which extend visibly and progressively redder from the Milky Way for about 12 billion (12 (109)) light years.

Does he have a crew? He sails, carefully selecting ever safer stars for his hyperbolic plunges by which he turns and accelerates or decelerates. Why does he sail? He could stop. He could return to, and stop at the sun. Does he monitor Earth and occasionally other ships? He could easily do this. Is he human? No machine speaks as he does. Or is "he" a library of recordings. Most guess that he is a seeker of and after immortality. One of many who wait, scarcely aging, almost outside time - waiting for Earthmen to discover how immortality may be achieved.

The view from the flying Dutchman's bridge must be lovely and ever changing, as he passes stars every few hours of his hours. 

These stories have been edited and uploaded by Michelle Snyder, White Knight Studio in honor of Dr. Enzmann, and his work in the field of rocket science and starships. 

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