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Why Didn't We Go?

Echo Lance Starship by Doc E

Excerpt from the Conference on the Total Environment and the Future of Civilization
(Planetology and Space Mission Planning Series; see Enzmann Starship)

First Seminar:
Cornucopia of Space
Mankind’s relationship with the total environment of Earth and Space extends into antiquity an estimated 40,000 years! What is popularly known as the “Age of Space” is only the result of this investment - over 40 millennia of historical association with the heavens which has literally led to all we know – agriculture, cities, commerce, and the arts, culminating now with the last and grandest stage in this relationship: Exploration of the Universe, first hand. 
This development, recent though it is, has seen vast networks rise: communication, weather, and navigation satellites to serve a hundred million people of the Earth, coupled with celestial survey of its limited resources, just begun. Future children of the world will see this pyramid of systems greatly strengthened to include power generation from the sun, and seismic networks placed on other planets to act as aids to earthquake warning and eventual prevention.  
And some day, to save this “good green Earth,” men will turn increasingly to the use, through manufacturing in Space, of the limitless resources of the sun – treasure-troves of minerals, chemicals, and metals orbiting one hundred million miles beyond the biosphere, and hence expendable. The “mother lode” beyond men’s wildest dreams, it is the means of silencing forever all those who state that man must stay confined in body and mind to just one world.
Acceptance of his gift, the planetary system of his sun, will ready Man to dare the greatest human adventure of them all: The ultimate of voyages Beyond Apollo, the fascinating journey to the stars!
Consider what is being said. It is extraordinary, and quite true. Now consider that this was written in 1972. What has happened? Why have we not pursued this penultimate opportunity? Many dream of exploring the heavens, the stars beckoning them, pulling their hearts upward. They have been silenced.

For tens of thousands of years we have watched the stars, recording the patterns of their movements. Time was divided by measuring these movements. Days of the week were named 5000 BC. Seven thousand years later, we have yet to break free. And it is not because we did not know how. It is because some who were of the opinion that we should not, prevailed.

Dollie calendric, 38,000 BC
This is an ancient Lunar Calendar from Vogelherd cave, Germany.  I mean, really ancient. 38,000 BC. It looks like a dolly, because it was a child’s doll – and a thread winder (to keep the roved thread from kinking). It was also a teaching tool for time of day, lunar phase, seasons, plants, and animals. While winding mommy’s thread, the child learned how to tell time by the stars and sun, what seasons were and when, and lunar cycles. Our ancestors taught their very young children astronomy; they knew the movement of the heavens cradled their very lives, and thought it important to gain as much knowledge as possible. What has happened? Do kids today know how to find north without a computer or compass?

This is a star chart from Ach Valley cave, Germany, ca. 32,000 BC. It is a record of meticulous observations over a long period of time, preserved in stone for future generations. Are we as concerned?

In Russia, the USA, and Cuba, meteorites have caused damage and injury. A comet has just passed by us, quite close. Our ancestors knew of the global disaster caused by comet impact, and built a network of megalithic observatories like Gobekli Tepe (Turkey) to study the sky, to learn what was always there, how it moved, where it went, what was coming, and then, what was out of place. Watchers were vigilant. Are we?

All this knowledge has accumulated in our history. Since then, we have found thousands of habitable Earth-like places to go. Our ancestors were focused on the survival of the human race. If we were, we would be prepared to colonize other worlds. They lived through unimaginable circumstances during the Ice Ages – months of cold with 50 below 0 temps, roaring winds, and ice. Everywhere. Then it warmed up – during the Atlantic Grand Climate Optimum, 5900 – 3750 BC. We made wonderful progress and sailed the oceans. The ice caps melted away and we circumnavigated the globe. We measured it. We could tell time to the split second by observing Venus – the Earth set their clocks by Venus until the 1970’s. Only atomic clocks are more accurate.

Then it all stopped; we were told the Earth was flat, at the center, and the sun and planets revolved around it. WHY? We knew better. Millennia ago our ancestors observed a curved shadow on the moon, and knew the Earth was round. Why were we lied to?

Our understanding of the past is the foundation for our perception of the present. And our vision for the future is built on our knowledge of today. Want a better future? Learn real history. If you want to control the future, change the past. This is why information is suppressed, deconstructed, and manipulated. Think. Always think. Don’t just listen and believe. Ask who, what, when, where, why, and how.

For decades I have worked with Doc E tracing the origin of symbols back tens of thousands of years. This has shaped a world view quite different from where I began. What our ancestors were capable of laid a solid foundation for us, and we have not built upon it. We have been told they were primitive, uncivilized, and brutish. These are all lies. They lived in houses, loved their children, created textiles, hunted and fished, and survived. They wrote it all down in stone with pictures, and taught it to their children. We are now publishing Duncan-Enzmann’s translations of Ice Age inscriptions from 12,500 BC, which tell us great stories of struggle and survival. They tell us of a civilization that lasted tens of thousands of years.

Our hope is that we can add knowledge of prehistory to the historic record, and gain a stronger understanding of who we are, where we have been, and then, where we can go.

The excerpt above from the Space Mission conference is only the first. Forty years ago we had a group of visionaries who could have done it. Why did we stop them? I know, who’s “we.” I certainly didn't.

Edited and posted by Michelle Snyder, White Knight Studio

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  1. Thank you Michelle Snyder for finally telling the truth about our ancient ancestors. So refreshing and thought out. I can't wait to read the book.
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