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Stunning Ice Age Language Translations

An extraordinary look into our prehistoric past, provided by more than 1,000 extant ice age inscriptions from G√∂nnersdorf, Germany, ca. 12,500 BC, now translated to reveal their exquisite stories and hidden history. 

Upon first seeing cave paintings from Lascaux, and other images introduced to him as “prehistoric works of art,” he is quoted as saying: “No one who draws that well could create such a mess. That is a written language, and I can read it!” And he did. He found the drama of the annual mammoth hunt - and extraordinary effort by all the surrounding villages. Everyone helped, even the children. Hundreds of mammoths thundered through the migration route, and many met their fate in the hunting ground. Elaborate systems of communication were contrived over great distances to track the movement of and alarm the arrival of the great herd. Many inscriptions depict mammoths and have instructions telling how to use the parts, hair, hide, etc. This inscription addresses migration.
J Robert Snyder compiled and edited a selection of inscriptions and organized them into a reader-friendly volume. Chapters are about: Mother & Child, Hearth & Home, Textiles & Tools, Hunting & Fishing, Health & Medical, Calendars & Contracts, Chronology & Linguistics. There are also notes from the author (Duncan-Enzmann) and the editor (J Robert), and a brief biography. Color illustrations make this book visually stunning.

This image of a weighted warp upright loom appears thousands of times in the taxonomy of inscriptions collected by Duncan-Enzmann. It shows a woman (left) holding a baton, in front of her is the loom (green) and to the right three lumps of fuel and an oil lamp (red).
Weighted Warp Upright Loom
Gönnersdorf, 12,500 BC

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann
lion whisperer

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann Partial Resume:

British Embassy “Raj” Embassy School, Peking, China, wkly xchng wt French & German schls; 1942-45 USNAC, Atlantic Assn RAF, Pacific; 1949 Harvard AB; 1950 London ST SCB. HON.; 1952 MSC S. Africa; 1956 Nat. Sci. Sch. MIT courses; field work Africa, Central Asia; Dr. Royal Scholarship Uppsala, Sweden research; 1980 MD Juarez/ Texas; field work, Greenland, Central Asia, Mediterranean, Antarctic, Pacific; Weapons systems, Pine Tree line, gap filler, BMEWS, SAGE, ATLAS-POLARIS, ICBM (Kwajalein), cryptography; books & papers.

J Robert and Michelle Snyder
Editors, Publishers, Authors
“The stories from these translations of Ice Age women keeping children fed, clothed, clean, dry, and warm, and how to do it are munificent. They are 14,500 years old, and written by mothers in stone.” – J. Robert Snyder

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Translations of ice age inscriptions by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann, compiled, edited, and published by J. Robert Snyder, White Knight Studio. 

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About Symbologist Michelle Snyder

Michelle is a professor of mythology and symbolism, fairy tale author, blogger, and geek. She earned her post-graduate degree at the University of Wales decoding prehistoric images, working closely with Duncan-Enzmann. She is also a publisher, artist, and teacher. Her artwork, inspired by her love of symbolism and folklore, has appeared in galleries from Massachusetts to California. Michelle is co-owner of White Knight Studio.
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