Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tracks, by John Campbell

Dakota Brooktroute
Pencil on paper

John Campbell is an artist and poet living in Maine. He has received awards for both his poetry and his artwork. 

The best advice he ever received as an artist, he says, was: "just draw." With progressive and almost complete loss of hearing, and a recent illness that left him without depth perception, I said to him again, "just draw." I pleaded with him to join his poetry and his art together. 

John's poetry flows from the core of his soul - and here is a glimpse into his soul in a new work of poetry and art together. 


Brother Cree say moose leave the deepest track
Yet his marks do not stay
Follow moose til the last hoof-print
A day, a week, a month, even the Earth forgets
But a dog, a good dog can leave tracks across a heart forever
A good heart like a shield, it tells a story
And is taut holding the dog as it crosses
If the human heart is poor the dog sinks in cloudy waters of misery
For dogs carry love, like wind carries cloud
It's their nature here, and in the spirit world
On the far side of clear waters others will know you
Through your dogs joy, you will be welcome someday

An earlier award winning work by John Campbell. Pencil on paper, 18 x 24"
Many Wolves
Tribute to a Chief by JC
Blue Ribbon 

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