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White Knight Studio offers editing, design,  and publishing services to authors. Contact Michelle or Jay at whiteknightstudio @ hotmail.com to open a conversation about preparing your book for publication, or request services and prices. (Put "publish" in the subject line.) Or call 508 309 3772.  

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Books we have published

Michelle Paula Snyder

A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 3 - Amazon.

A collection of original fairy tales, to be read to children, enjoyed while you do - Amazon.

A classic fairy tale collection within an original fairy tale, to be read to children - Amazon

A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 1 - Amazon

A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 2 -  Amazon.

Michelle Snyder, Symbologist: 

Symbology: Symbols defined, decoded, and traced to their roots in prehistory -  Amazon

Symbology: Decoding revised. Bigger illustrations, more chapters -  Amazon. 

Familiar fairy tales decoded and elements in them traced to their roots -  Amazon. 

A unique collection of symbols arranged by subject (Tarot, Alchemy, etc.) decoded - Amazon. 

A collection of art and illustrations by Michelle Snyder, with explanation of the symbols - Amazon. 

Symbology and symbols decoded, eBook. Available at Amazon for Kindle. 

An introduction to symbology and the world of the Megalith Mariners
 eBooklet. Available at Amazon for Kindle.

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann & Jay Robert Snyder: 

Translations of ice age inscriptions dated 12,500 BC, with illustrations - Amazon

Dennis Kantor

A story for children - Amazon

Logan Richards

A verisimilitude love story - Amazon

Roberta Duncan:

A verisimlitude about a child prodigy in Maine, at the start of WW II - Amazon. 

E v Enzmann

A biographical account of a WW I soldier taken prisoner to Siberia, and his escape on foot to China. 

Jack Rosenbaum: 

A fanciful short script - Amazon

A book for young chapter-readers - Amazon.

A book for young chapter-readers -  Amazon.

A loving memoir -  Amazon.

Sentimental stories about the author's life -  Amazon. 

James Weaver: 

Biographical fiction - Amazon

All books are available at Amazon